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As from 25th May 2018 the new GDPR regulated how we could collect, store and use data relating to our members and the public. Taking advice from various regulating and advising bodies, we have put in place procedures to comply with this.

Our members have received advice on what data we need to hold on them, and sign to give permission accordingly.

No written data is collected or held on general members of the public, except for community members who hold a relationship with the Band for purposes of community events and bookings. Any community members affected will be asked to give confirmation that they agree to us retaining their email address, etc, for this purpose.

Our 'Public Images Statement' may be relevant to general members of the community. SCB like to share images of our events on our Facebook and website, etc, as well as sharing certain events with local publications. We believe that it is important for us to record moments in the Band’s history through photos and videos of events, such as rehearsals, concerts and social events. This helps us to meet our charitable objectives as we are able to promote concerts and publicise the Band to attract players and audience. We consider these ‘Legitimate Interests’ under the GDPR guidelines. Whilst we will work to limit capture of identifiable images of the general public, where we do have these we may retain them for the promotional purposes stated.

We encourage the public to 'like' our Facebook page whereby you will be able to keep updated with our events and concerts, and can manage what you receive from us in your own settings. Band members can choose to join the 'closed' Facebook group where we share our own communications relating to rehearsals and such like.

For any queries about our Data Policy, or to ask us to adjust/remove your data (or obscure an image of you), contact us.

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As an organisation that involves and teaches young people, we have a Child Protection Policy which is approved and monitored by the 'SAFEcic' organisation, of which we are members. We have a Child Protection Officer, and a deputy, who oversee the policy, liaise with SAFEcic, and is a point of contact for any concerns. A copy of the policy is available to view below, and our general risk assessment also, and all adult members and parents are required to confirm their understanding by signing a membership register. These documents are continued to be reviewed and developed as necessary, at least annually.  The latest signed policies are attached - these have been reviewed in January 2021 however due to Covid-19 restrictions a new hard copy has not been signed as yet.

We encourage parents to stay at practices, although children are welcome to be left. Adult members ensure that children are not left alone with any adult, and adult members who are involved in the tuition of youngsters are also DBS-checked. All Trustees are DBS-checked also.

Please contact us should you have any concerns or need to discuss any issues relating to Child Protection.

In line with the "The Children (Performances and Activities) (England) Regulations 2014" we also have a number of licensed chaperones, approved and licensed by Suffolk County Council, who are Safeguard-trained, and First-Aid Qualified.

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