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Book us: FAQ


We have a number of options available for booking and can often accomodate most requests if we have enough warning!

Generally the band does not tend to perform between January and March as we prepare new music for the year, but if you have an event in mind for then, then please do get in touch and we will see what is possible.

The more warning for bookings the better as all our players do this in their free time so we can only accept so many bookings each year.  However, we can sometimes provide a group, especially a smaller group, at short notice so it is always worth asking!

The cost of hiring the band will depend on a number of factors such as the length of performance, locality, whether the event is formal with announcements or if we are background music.  If you request a specific piece of music which needs to be purchased, we may need to cover the cost of this too.  All this will be discussed with you so if you can send as many details with your initial enquiry as possible, that would be great!


The Main Band has performed at a huge range of events over the years and can be suitable for just about any event. They are regularly called upon for programmes of light music at 'bandstand' events or garden parties and evening 'Proms' concerts with a traditional set of flag-waving favourites.

In blazers and bow ties, the band is suitable for weddings, meal-time entertainment, concerts and services and, in German dress, a tradtional Oktoberfest-style beer night! The Band are also able to march (with plenty of advance warning).

We are available for hire for both public and private events, holding our own public liability insurance and a 'Performing Rights Society' licence. With an extensive library and wide connections to other bands in the area, we can usually accommodate most requests for music, be it be a specific piece or a general theme needed.


The Training Band generally organise their own showcase concerts, as well as performing with the main band at various events, and take on their own bookings at fetes, fayres, concerts and services.

Currently, the Training Band consists of players who have only just begun, to people who have been playing for 1-4 years, and a few have returned to playing after breaks of up to 30years, or perhaps are trying out a different instrument.

We like to perform a range of pieces, and the players are increasingly able to take on any challenge!


The Band can put together a small group if your occasion or location does not permit the full band! We have a selection of pieces that are playable by 6-12 players, as well as specialised small groups such as our 'trombone-choir' that can perform with 5-7 players - either on brass or on our plastic trombones! 

Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

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