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Vacancy for Musical Director

We currently have a Musical Director in place however as this person also enjoys playing we are open to appointing someone into this role if the right candidate comes along.  Therefore, we welcome enquiries and are open to discuss timescales for anyone interested.

We would be looking for someone with a passion who can make learning and performing brass band music enjoyable, yet challenging.

Our ideal Musical Director will be:

  • Experienced in conducting a Brass or Military Band

  • A team player

  • A good organiser - ensuring rehearsals are planned

  • Ideally proficient in playing a brass instrument

  • An excellent communicator

Whilst this is a voluntary position, we are committed to reimbursing reasonable expenses incurred as a result of fulfilling the role.

If you are interested in this role and would like further details of what it involves, please get in touch with us.  All enquiries treated in strictest confidence.

Musical Director vacancy: About
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